Prof. Jungyun Seo

Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Sogang University
Office (Voice): +82-2-705-8488, Fax: +82-2-704-8273
Secretary (Voice): +82-2-706-8954


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Professor Jungyun Seo was educated at Sogang University, where he obtained a BS degree in Mathematics in 1981. He continued his studies at the department of Computer Science in the University of Texas, Austin, receiving a MS and Ph.D in Computer Science in 1985 and 1990 respectively. He was a system engineer at the Samsung Electronic Co. From 1982 to 1983. He worked as a TA and an RA while he was attending the University of Texas, Austin. From 1986 to 1987, he worked at the MCC, a well-known research center in Austin, as a research intern. He became a senior staff member at UniSQL Inc. in 1990.
Professor Seo returned to Korea in 1991 to join the faculty of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in Taejon where he leaded the Natural Language Processing Laboratory in the Computer Science Department. In 1995, he moved to the Sogang University in Seoul and became a full professor in Mar. 2001. He served as the Dean of graduate school of Information and Technology at Sogang University during 2004-2006, and the Executive Vice President for Research and External Affairs at Sogang University during 2017-2019.
Professor Seo started a venture company, named Inc. where he developed intelligent Question/Answering (Q/A) and Information Retrieval (IR) agent solutions.
Professor Seo served in several professional societies, numerous conferences and several editorial boards; the president of Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers (KIISE) in 2013, and the president of Korea Cognitive Science Society in 2011.
He published more than 300 papers including about 150 international journal and conference papers in the area of Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Database. His research interests includes dialogue interface including multi-modal dialogues, statistical methods for NLP, Machine Translation and Information Retrieval.
He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea.
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